Go Line Dancing!

My Life as a Line Dancer

Week 1

Oh, this is a beginner class?! I can do the Electric Slide and Copperhead Road so I should be in the intermediate class in the next hour but I'll dance with you guys until then. Improver? The Electric Slide is an Improver dance! Isn't it? Do you do the Macarena or YMCA? What's a coaster step? What's a sailor step?

Week 2

It may take me a couple weeks to get to intermediate. What exactly is a syncopation again?

Three Months

I didn't realize there were so many steps and so much to learn. I think I finally have the jazz box down. Working on chase turns. This is harder than I thought.

Six Months

I'm getting it, but you keep adding things! A tag? What’s a tag?

One Year

I hate tags, restarts and 64 count dances! I'm just not going to do those dances. They're too hard.

Two Years

All right, one tag or one restart is ok as long as someone calls it. I still hate 64 count dances though, but I guess I'll do them. Phrased dance?! What does that mean? I hate phrased dances!! Who is Rachael McEnaney?

Three Years

Ok, I'm getting used to tags and restarts but I would still rather they wouldn't put them in dances. And, no I won't hear it in the music, so stop telling me I will! Who is Guyton Mundy?

Four Years

Tags and restarts are starting to make sense... Sort of.

Five Years

That music just doesn't fit the dance. They should've put a tag/restart in there!

Six Years

I shared a Manhattan with Guyton Mundy at the international line dance event last week. He taught a great 280 count, non-mirrored, 6 part phrased hip hop dance with complex syncopations, 7 tags, 8 restarts and multiple rhythm changes done to 220bpm music, which he choreographed in his sleep on the twenty minute ride from the airport to the event. We all had a great time learning it in 25 minutes. I hate it that he's retiring.

And Lastly

I’ve been teaching for a number of years now and it finally happened. I don’t know exactly how but it came rolling off my tongue like water off a duck’s back when I announced to my class... “This dance only has one restart. You’ll hear it in the music.”


Gordon Small, August - 2015