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Line Dance Levels - It's Complicated!

Beginner / Improver / Intermediate / Advanced

You'd think the above would be enough to describe dance levels. After all, in country dancing you have "Novice" and you have "Advanced". That's pretty much it. But Nope... Every line dance choreographer has their own idea of what level a dance is that they have choreographed and over the years have come up with many descriptive ways to categorize their line dances. I've put together many dance lists for my classes and I mostly use copperknob.com and occasionally Kickit to get my information about the dances I teach in my classes. The number of levels is mind numbing. There’s, of course... Beginner, Improver, Intermediate and Advanced but then there are the "Qualifiers"...


There's Newcomer, Absolute Beginner, Ultra Beginner, Low Beginner, Easy Beginner, Beginner and High Beginner. And let's not forget Beginner/Intermediate. Oops, we went from Ultra Beginner to Beginner/Intermediate! What happened to Improver? Improver and all its qualifiers has to be in there somewhere doesn't it?

Improver, Intermediate and Advanced

There's, Low Improver, Improver, High Improver and Improver/Intermediate. Then Low Intermediate, Easy Intermediate, Intermediate, High Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced. Going forward it's Low Advanced, Advanced and the ultimate... Phrased High Advanced. Phrased High Advanced? Holy cow! Actually you can precede any dance level with the term "Phrased" if you want to impress people with how hard a dance can actually become with a little imagination. Note: I'm pretty sure this is not a complete list.

Let's Get Down To the Details

Valid Levels = *Green (In My Opinion)

Newcomer: Really, Really Easy Dance.
Absolute Beginner: Really, Really Easy Dance.
Ultra Beginner : Really, Really Easy Dance.
Low Beginner: Really, Really Easy Dance.
*Easy Beginner : Really, Really Easy Dance. Do we really need five levels below Beginner?
*Beginner : Beginner Dance.
High Beginner: Beginners can't do these. Do we need Low Improver too?

If you're an intermediate dancer then it's a beginner dance. If you're a Beginner dancer then it's an Intermediate dance. Beginners can't do these dances. The Beginner/Intermediate level should be BANNED!
Low Improver: See High Beginner.
Beginners can't do these. Intermediate dancers dance only four walls then they're on to something else.
High Improver: Why not just Improver/Intermediate?
BAN! If you're an intermediate dancer then it's an Improver dance. If you’re an Improver dancer then it's an Intermediate dance.
Low Intermediate: See Improver / Intermediate.
Easy Intermediate:
See Low Intermediate - I’m referring this level to the Department of Redundancy Department.
Beginner and Improver dancers can't do these dances. These dances are designed to intimidate Beginners and Improvers.
High Intermediate:
Only 1% of all dancers can do these dances. Ummm... Maybe because they’re ADVANCED DANCES!!!
Intermediate/Advanced: Must I repeat myself?... BAN!
Low Advanced: See Advanced.
*Advanced; Only 1% of all dancers can do these dances.
High Advanced: Only unicorns and Guyton Mundy can do these dances.

Did I mention Novice? No? Well there's that too.

Some dances are labeled with a level of "Novice".


Dictionary definition
novice - noun
1. a person who is new to the circumstances, work, etc., in which he or she is placed; beginner; tyro:

I didn't know quite where to put Novice in the list. You'd think it would be like Beginner but from past experience and looking at some of the dances on copperknob.com it means different things to different choreographers. In the "Novice" arena there's Newcomer Novice, Easy Novice, Phrased Novice (Phrased Novice? Please, somebody slap me.) and Novice/Intermediate. Please ban Novice/Intermediate along with all the other "something"/"something" levels, AARRGHH!! In fact let's just ban Novice completely and only use it for competitions. Here's one example of a Novice dance...

50 Ways (Easy), 64 count Level: Phrased Novice
AA/Tag 1/BB/AAA/Tag2/BB/AA/Tag 3/ BBBB

  And don't forget to precede the dance level with the term "Phrased" if you want a really hard dance.

    My Mind is Boggled

                        Gordon Small, July - 2016