Go Line Dancing!

About Me

My first steps on the dance floor were in August, 1985. I decided to take C&W dance lessons and a Baptist Church singles group I belonged to invited me to join them for lessons at the Belle Starr nightclub in Dallas, TX. At Belle Starr I learned the 3-step, waltz and double-2-step from Anita Williams and after about 2-3 months I was able to get up the confidence to actually go on the dance floor when there wasn't a lesson involved. I eventually took lessons from various instructors including Mary & Rayburn Wright, Terry Rippa, Gary Long and Jean Zartner among others learning Progressive Double 2-Step and West Coast Swing. I considered myself a professional dance student for about 10 years. Along the way I also picked up a few line dances.

In 2005 a couple years after my wife and I moved to Kentucky we started line dancing twice a week at a line dance only club in Island, Kentucky. At "Island Station", as it was called, the owner would announce the name of the dance and then count it in. There were no walk-throughs or teaching. They had about 75 to 100 different dances they did and either you knew the dance or sat it out. Twice a week from 6:00pm-9:00pm they would play the music and dance non-stop. I decided the only way to learn the dances was to teach them to myself. And I also knew there were others that wanted to learn the dances too.

I started and taught beginner line dancing twice a week at the Education Center in Morgantown, KY from 2005 until I moved to the Houston area in 2010. Soon I was connected into the line dance community in the Houston area and started teaching improver line dancing at Harris County Precinct 4 Big Stone Lodge recreation center. I also taught at Doss Park in Precinct 4 for a short time. In the years before moving to Pearland I was teaching improver / intermediate line dancing two days a week at the Tomball Community Center in Tomball, TX. During the pandemic I co-hosted an on-line dance class for beginners.